MOBA Proud Player Spotlight: Bryson Asher

The theme of hometown players continues as we put the spotlight onto midfielder Bryson Asher.

Bryson Asher, out of Senoia, Georgia, is a junior at Duke University, and attended East Coweta High School. Bryson played a key role on the Duke squad during his freshman season, but was plagued with injury as a sophomore. Asher used the 2016 PDL season as an opportunity to tune himself back up for the upcoming Duke season, and he did just that.

Bryson started seven games for MOBA, and appeared in ten, totaling 655 minutes, eighth most on the team. He used all 655 to his advantage. Asher tied with Jordan Day for most assists on the team with two, and led the team in shots with fifteen, proving that he was just as aggressive as he was talented. He proved his field-awareness throughout the season, and was always capable of making the right pass, leading to those two assists (both to Jarun against Tri-Cities in MOBA's first ever win) and to other unmarked key exchanges that led to goals or free kicks. He was an integral part of the offensive strategy for Coach Jordan Davis, and always gave a young energy to the team on the field. Coach Davis knew he could rely on Asher to give 110% every night, even when he wasn't starting, and that was seen when Asher was looked upon to come on early against the King's Warriors due to an injury.

Asher was not the only former East Coweta student on the Peachtree City MOBA roster this season. Along with goalkeeper Luke Oesterle, and defender Jairo Ruiz, the familiarity was present, and the team meshed well throughout the season, leading to some exciting games, including the Tri-Cities and Tormenta FC series.

Bryson Asher was one of the most versatile and active players on the squad this season, taking part in a variety of scoring plays, and was a rock on defense. He also demonstrated pride and belief in his team being able to win, and that is all an organization needs in a player. Peachtree City and Senoia alike send their gratitude to Bryson, and will welcome him back with open arms should he decide to spend another summer as a member of the Peachtree City MOBA organization.



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