MOBA Moment in History: High to Low at Traceway

The most exciting time of any sport's season, by far, is opening day. Every team has a sense of optimism and promise and can't wait to finally get everything kicked off. Peachtree City MOBA and the rest of the USL PDL were no exception. After roughly 6-7 months of planning, recruiting, and signing, the 25-man roster took to Clinton, Mississippi and Traceway Park to take on the defending Mid South Division Champions, Mississippi Brilla FC, in their first-ever match as a team. Little was expected, as it was a matter of learning how the team went together more than anything, but excitement was brewing under the pitch.

As the game kicked off, Mississippi immediately looked to press. Experience seemed to be taking precedence over anything else, and MOBA couldn't seem to find a rhythm. The ball seemingly stuck in Brilla's half, but Peachtree City showed that their defense, led by Salomon Lorenzano and Adam Sheikali was one to be trifled with. Goalkeeper Jeremy Booth was able to hold his ground, as nobody could get the ball into the net, and the match would go into the half 0-0. Spirits were high having kept the opposition scoreless through 45 minutes, and MOBA went into the half not looking just to play, but to win.

Coming out of the gates, it looked like a totally different Peachtree City team. The offense, led by Casey Shultis and Bryson Asher, seemed to have taken the reins from the home team, finding a number of scoring opportunities. In the 63rd minute, Casey Shultis passed the ball up to Bryson Asher, who seemed to have a shot on goal, but before he had the chance, he was tripped up just outside the box, and the referee awarded MOBA the free kick. The wall was set up, and in the 64th, Asher lined up, and seemingly botched the kick as it rolled right to the feet of the wall. However, the defense did not react quick enough, and Alex Rotoloni charged in, grabbed the ball, and drilled it to the post, and it bounced into the back of the net. The Brilla fans and team seemed to think the ball had not gone in, but MOBA knew, and it was called a goal, giving Peachtree City its first ever lead on its first ever score. Spirits were soaring for MOBA, as all they had to do now was close it out, however, this game would be the first of many times throughout the season that that would trouble them.

Four minutes later, Brilla's Eduardo Cruz would pick up the cross into the box, and drill it past Booth into the net, tying the game at 1. Time passed, and the tie seemed to be inevitable. However, Mississippi's Lucas Cordeiro had something to say about that. In the 86th minute, Noor Hamadi crossed the ball into the box, and Cordeiro headed it just out of reach of Booth, and Brilla took a late 2-1 lead. Peachtree City had their hearts shattered, and a response just never came.

Adversity was a common theme throughout the 2016 season. From game #1, to the season finale, MOBA was always facing adversity. No wins came easy, and most losses were close and decided late. Through it all, MOBA took it like men, and marched on to the next match with their heads held high. Win or lose, they made the city of Peachtree City proud to be fans, and that is what football is all about.



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