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PDL League Update: 3 New Franchises Join the Family

It may be the offseason, but preparations never stop for the PDL executives, teams, and players. As the players and coaches are off at their respective colleges making a name for themselves and striving for a title, the league is already getting to work on making the 2017 PDL season the best one to date. In a sport where success is #1, everybody wants a piece of the action. This time last year, the Premier Development League was welcoming Peachtree City MOBA, Tormenta FC, Tri-Cities FC, San Diego Zest, FC Golden State, SF City FC, The Villages SC, and South Florida Surf into the ranks. Well, it's expansion time once again, and three new teams have been announced as the 2017 expansion to the already massive 67-team league, pushing that number up to 70.
Lakeland Tropics On September 19, the first expansion team was announced to be the Lakeland Tropics, headed by CEO Andrew Haines and the Central Florida Sports Ventures. The Tropics, the eighth Florida-based team in the PDL, are ex…