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Year in Review: Looking Back at MOBA's Bright Inaugural Year

2016 - a year full of ... well ... anything and everything you could possibly think of, from happiness to heartbreak. Peyton Manning took home a Super Bowl ring in his final season. Román Torres scored the game-winning penalty kick as Seattle Sounders FC took home its first MLS Cup title. The Chicago Cubs took home their first World Series title in over 100 years. We also lost a number of big names in Prince, Craig Sager, Muhammad Ali, David Bowie, Arnold Palmer, and others. However, in this up and down year, soccer in the state of Georgia took a huge step forward on the back of the MOBA Soccer Academy.
Peachtree City MOBA Making Waves in the PDL Coming into 2016, word was spreading that the PDL was coming to Peachtree City in the form of Peachtree City MOBA, but little did we know the effect that would have on the community. Preparations began, and the talent flooded to the area as head coach Jordan Davis and owner Volker Harms looked to build a team to compete. Slowly but surely, a…

MOBA Soccer Academy Becoming a Hub of PTC Sports

In January 2015, it was announced that the German company MOBA Mobile Automation AG would be meeting with Peachtree City to discuss plans to build a new 50,000 square foot office building and soccer complex on Highway 74. A strange combination of projects, several months later, the project was approved, and construction began almost immediately. In a mere few months, it became arguably one of the best decisions the board has ever made.
Fast forward to December 2016, the new MOBA Soccer Academy is nearing completion, and already the effect it was intended to have on Peachtree City sports is being felt. When the idea was proposed, Mr. Volker Harms said he hoped to provide Peachtree City and the surrounding area with an opportunity to unite out on the pitch, and that is just what happened. The facilities aren't even complete, but the fields are, and that's all we need.
They may be soccer fields, but that doesn't mean only soccer has to be played on them. Elite Lacrosse Tourn…