MOBA Update: PDL Tryouts Kickoff at MSA

Happy New Year, Peachtree City!

With a new PDL season fast approaching, the time has come to evaluate new talent to join returning members of last year's squad in the 2017 season. 2016 brought tremendous talent to the Peachtree City area in players such as Omar Jarun, Ryan King, Bryson Asher, Nick Spielman, Salomon Lorenzano, and late-season standout Todd Fidler, among others. With several of those players returning for 2017, the coaching staff looks to fill the roster with some outstanding talent that can give the Charlotte Eagles a fight for the South Atlantic division title.

MOBA's inaugural season was nothing to call home about, as they finished 3-9-2 on the year, good for 6th in the division. It did provide a number of exciting stories, however, including the season sweep of Tri-cities and the dramatic series against rival Tormenta FC (let's just take a moment and remember Mr. Fidler ... thank you). Look for that excitement to carry into the new year, as we look to build on last season.

Open tryouts for the new year began January 2nd at 1 PM, and run until the 3rd at 3:30. Additional tryouts are scheduled for March, and more details about those will be released soon. The coaches look to make the tough decision of selecting the best talent to fill the 25-man roster, as these hopefuls look to make dream a reality as they make their way to the pros, and there is no better place to start
than at MOBA Soccer Academy. Players from all over the world look to fight for their spot on the roster, from right here in Peachtree City, all the way to Africa. With the amount of talent that comes to the academy, look for 2017 to be a fantastic year for Peachtree City MOBA, with a PDL championship and U.S. Open Cup bid on the line.

It won't be all new-comers, though. Several former players look to make the trip back to Peachtree City to play for the club, including Jack Coulton and Taku Mashingaidze. For those players, an invite-only training camp runs from the 3rd to the 5th of January, as they look to prepare themselves for the new year.

The 2017 PDL schedules are expected to be released in the coming weeks, along with division construction as many expansion teams have joined over the last few months, especially in the southeast, from Nashville to Wilmington to Tobacco Road. Once all of that is set, all that's left is to wrap up preparation and get the 2017 PDL season underway!



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