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One More Year: Welcoming Back MOBA's 2017 Re-signees - Salomon Lorenzano

2016 brought some incredible talent through Peachtree City, from Omar Jarun to Casey Shultis to Jessey Hein, and this 2017 season is expected to be even better, however the best way to make a team that can compete for a title is to mix experience in with new players. With the re-signing of Adam Sheikali and the addition of Michael Brezovsky earlier this month, MOBA took the first step in that process, and now they have added even more strength to their back line and midfield by bringing back a face that truly built a wealth of support here last season.
Salomon Lorenzano - Georgia State University Lorenzano really established himself as a player fans could get behind last year with Peachtree City. Playing in every match for MOBA in 2016, Salomon led the team in minutes and was truly a pest to opposing strikers as he put up a wall on the defensive end. Offensively, Lorenzano played a key role in switching the field and getting Peachtree City on the front foot for Jordan Davis, starting…

MOBA to Play Friendly Against NPSL Side Atlanta Silverbacks

All around the world, no matter where you look, you are bound to be able to find a soccer club somewhere. From right here in Peachtree City, to big cities like Manchester and Munich, to small towns like Bourg-en-Bresse and Jerrabomberra, soccer is everywhere, and it is that expansiveness that gives the sport such a widespread influence. The vast number of teams allows for cities to meet in ways they never would have otherwise been able to, leading to a growth and comradery that is second-to-none. Following an enjoyable 2016 season that saw Peachtree City MOBA take on teams from Clinton, Mississippi to Forest Hill, West Virginia, MOBA will take on their biggest name yet, the city of Atlanta.
On March 23, Peachtree City MOBA and the Atlanta Silverbacks announced they have scheduled a friendly for May 24, 2017 at MOBA Soccer Stadium. This will be the first meeting between the two teams in history. Playing in the National Premier Soccer League, the Silverbacks are one of the most storied…

MOBA Announces New WPSL Women's Team

It is without question that soccer in the United States is booming with every passing second. With the expansion of MLS to twenty-two teams, the promotion of USL to second tier, and the growth of the PDL, soccer is truly putting a foothold in the U.S., but that is not restricted to just men's soccer. Women's soccer has seen significant growth over the last decade, as the U.S. Women's National Team took home the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup title with a decisive 5-2 victory over Japan that was a long time coming. The National Women's Soccer League, created in 2012, has also seen a growth  in popularity since its founding, with overall attendance growing almost 200,000 since their inaugural season in 2013. On the amateur side of things, the Women's Premier Soccer League has seen its playing field shoot to 110 teams in the United States and Canada since 1997. As a matter of fact, the WPSL is one of a rare few leagues to result in the creation of a men's league…

Young Blood: Analyzing MOBA's Latest Signings - Michael Brezovsky

Defense is a key to winning championships, for if your opponent doesn't score, and you find the net once, you win. As simple as it may seem, nothing about defense is easy, and if you're good at it, you are going to be a commodity for any team to have. A team that struggled protecting their goal last season, MOBA did serve as home to some great defenders in Salomon Lorenzano and Adam Sheikali, however they are going to need some support if Peachtree City is going to become a force in the South Atlantic. With MOBA's latest announced signing, they look to have found some of that support, and from a very likely source.
Michael Brezovsky - University of Dayton Once again, Plano, Texas serves as a pool of players just waiting to be picked from by the MOBA coaching staff, and the latest player to be drawn is defender Michael Brezovsky. Michael, a native of Plano, had a fantastic youth career with the Dallas Texans, winning four North Texas State Cups, three Disney Cups, and a Da…

One More Year: Welcoming Back MOBA's 2017 Re-signees - Adam Sheikali

There are few better feelings than when your team resigns one of their key players from a season ago. The fans know what to expect, the coaches know what to expect, and most importantly, the players know what to expect. Re-signings mean that players and teammates get consistency with who they play with, who they play for, and where they play. The players get a chance to develop a relationship with the fans, and the fans get a chance to develop a relationship with the players. Now, Peachtree City gets their first chance to learn what that feels like, as MOBA has announced they have resigned defender Adam Sheikali.
Adam Sheikali - Boston University Sheikali, now a junior at Boston University, is entering his second year with Peachtree City MOBA, as the local soccer star gets a chance to stay at home. A native of Peachtree City, Adam attended McIntosh High School, where he captained the Chiefs during his junior and senior seasons. During his senior season, Sheikali tallied eighteen goal…

Young Blood: Analyzing MOBA's Latest Signings - Todd Fidler

One of the biggest parts of sports is whether or not a team will re-sign their biggest stars from the previous season. Sometimes teams make that their priority and pounce on the soonest opportunity, and other times the player signs with another team and their career takes a new turn. For MOBA this offseason, it was the former as the team announced they have resigned breakout star Todd Fidler.
Todd Fidler - Reinhardt University Let's just take a moment and remember July 13, 2016. Sitting at 3-8-1, MOBA had been struggling to score goals all season, and with Tormenta FC coming to Starr's Mill Stadium, they were going to need to find a way to put the ball in the back of the net. Well, they found it, and from an unlikely source. Todd Fidler, in his first match with the team, scored not once, but twice (including a beauty from thirty yards out) and MOBA and Tormenta tied at three a-piece. A disappointing conclusion, the game was no doubt one of MOBA's most exciting, and it wou…

Young Blood: Analyzing MOBA's Latest Signings - Jackson Morse

One of the driving forces in all sports is the addition of new players to a squad to fill in any holes that were discovered throughout the year. Coaches and managers spend months analyzing the results of the season and finding areas that need improvement, which are then patched up by signing new players to take those roles. With the PDL season fast approaching, the time has come to begin the second half of that process and start adding players to the 2017 roster.
Jackson Morse - University of Memphis Plano, Texas has already proven to be home to some great talent, as one of MOBA's stars from 2016, Jessey Hein, is from Plano. Now, Peachtree City looks to take a dip in that player pool again with the addition of midfielder Jackson Morse. Morse, a native of Plano, played club soccer with the Dallas Texans during the 2015-16 season, scoring fifteen goals in 23 starts with the squad, leading the team to a berth in the USSF National Playoffs. In his freshman season with the Memphis Tig…