MOBA Announces New WPSL Women's Team

It is without question that soccer in the United States is booming with every passing second. With the expansion of MLS to twenty-two teams, the promotion of USL to second tier, and the growth of the PDL, soccer is truly putting a foothold in the U.S., but that is not restricted to just men's soccer. Women's soccer has seen significant growth over the last decade, as the U.S. Women's National Team took home the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup title with a decisive 5-2 victory over Japan that was a long time coming. The National Women's Soccer League, created in 2012, has also seen a growth  in popularity since its founding, with overall attendance growing almost 200,000 since their inaugural season in 2013. On the amateur side of things, the Women's Premier Soccer League has seen its playing field shoot to 110 teams in the United States and Canada since 1997. As a matter of fact, the WPSL is one of a rare few leagues to result in the creation of a men's league, as the National Premier Soccer League was created to match the WPSL in 2003. Women's soccer is making waves in the U.S., and now MOBA Soccer Academy looks to be a part of that.

On March 17th, MOBA Soccer Academy owner Volker Harms announced the creation of a women's side that will play out of the academy. The new women's team will join the WPSL for the Summer 2018 season, becoming the only WPSL in the Atlanta area. The squad will join the MOBA men's side, South Georgia Tormenta FC, and Georgia Revolution FC of the NPSL in growing pre-professional soccer in Georgia.

"We are clearly committed to support pre-professional soccer on the women’s side, so we are eager to create a women’s team that can compete in the nation’s largest women’s league, and open-up a career path for local female soccer players.  Just like with our men’s PDL Team, our women’s WPSL Team will have a strong connection to our new youth program, with everyone training side by side at the new complex." - Volker Harms, Owner, MOBA Soccer Academy
With the announcement of the new youth clubs back in February, along with the women's team, MOBA Soccer Academy is sure to become a hotbed for soccer talent in the southeast. The player pools for both the men's and women's team will be filled with homegrown players that have had  a chance to play together and develop as a cohesive unit. All the players will have a chance to grow their skills in a professional environment at MOBA Soccer Academy, as the academy itself is nearing its completion.

2018 is sure to be a huge year for Peachtree City and the surrounding area, as the variety of skillsets and talents that will flood into the area as a result of the addition of a women's team is sure to be a sight to behold. Tryouts are planned to be in December of 2017, open to all female players eighteen and up, with the team to begin play the following Summer.

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