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Match Recap: MOBA Start Pre-Season Off Strong, Beat Georgia Revolution FC 3-0

The pre-season in any sport, including soccer, is used to test the waters of your players, and see how they handle live game scenarios. The coaches are watching for the best performers, and the players are looking to give their best performances in order to make the game day eighteen. Teams are given a number of weeks to warm up and work together as a unit, but the real showing is in the live action friendlies before the season begins. MOBA's pre-season schedule features three matches, two against Georgia Revolution FC and one against Pumas. April 29th marked the first of those three, as Peachtree City travelled to Hampton, Georgia for their first friendly against the Revs.
Last season's matchup saw these two teams compete for the full ninety minutes before a late winner was scored and sealed the victory for the Revs 2-1. Following the team's move to a new park, MOBA looked to get even with their crosstown rivals as they prepared for their new campaign. Playing several ba…

Young Blood: Analyzing MOBA's Latest Signings - Jordan Smith-Williams

English football, no matter who you ask, remains the pinnacle of the football world. The Premier League is undoubtedly where all players want to find themselves at some point in their careers. All soccer players worldwide grew up with a favorite EPL team, whether it Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham, Arsenal, even Newcastle if you grew up in the mid-to-late 20th century. Growing up in the U.K. is a different picture. Football is the norm. It is what almost every child strives to play professionally, and whole academic careers are centered around it. Some of the world's greatest come out of England, including Wayne Rooney, David Beckham, Harry Kane, and Jack Charlton, just to name a few. While some players do not wish to compare themselves to the greatest, one cannot help but strive to attain their level, and MOBA's latest signing is on a path to do just that.
Jordan Smith-Williams - Reinhardt University Reinhardt University has been or is home to some of …

Young Blood: Analyzing MOBA's Latest Signings - Santiago Moore

Comradery and teamwork are the cornerstones for a successful soccer team. A team with only one player who handles to ball is never going to score. A team with only one player who plays defense is bound to get scored on. A top-tier football club require both comradery and teamwork to win, and a team can build those qualities through practice and preparation prior to every game. One of the best things a team can do, however, is to build a roster with players who are already familiar with one another. Players who have played together, know each other's play styles and their capabilities as an athlete, and can feed off each other's success can breed success for almost every team.
Santiago Moore - Dalton State College Out of Queens, New York, Santiago Moore represents a key part of what MOBA lacked last season: vision. A player with vision can see the whole field in one glance, then know exactly what to do with the ball, and exactly where to go. This trait is crucial to the surviv…

Young Blood: Analyzing MOBA's Latest Signings - Daniel Valenciano

Soccer is a sport that is loved all around the world. From right here in America to England to China to Australia to Brazil, you can find great players everywhere you look, but one of the greatest places for players in terms of development and spending their lives around the game is in the Central and South American regions of the globe. Soccer is adored by the people of this area, and this adoration tends to breed some amazing talent. Former FC Dallas and LA Galaxy great Carlos Ruiz is from Guatemala. Young FC Barcelona star Neymar Jr. is from Brazil. World soccer legend Lionel Messi is from Argentina. Some of the greatest players in the world come from this region, and MOBA's newest addition looks to join that prestigious group of athletes.
Daniel Valenciano - Dalton State College Out of the great country of Costa Rica, midfielder Daniel Valenciano has lived his life surrounded by the game. Growing up in Heredia, Costa Rica, he played for Saprissa Academy, one of the best youth…

Young Blood: Analyzing MOBA's Latest Signings - Daniel Shaw

The 2017 Peachtree City MOBA pre-season is just ten days away, and they continue to announce great talent that will join the squad for the new campaign. Prior to taking on Georgia Revolution FC at North Mountain Carmel Soccer Park on April 29th, adding scorers and creators will be crucial to the success of the team, and with their latest addition, MOBA seems to have found potential.
Daniel Shaw - Berry College The midfield in soccer is one of the most important spots on the pitch. Covering every end of the field, from end line to end line, the midfielders play two separate roles at the same time: stopping the opponent's attack and starting yours. Daniel Shaw, out of Berry College, has a knack to do both. A multi-sport talent at Christ School in Adren, North Carolina, Shaw starred in soccer as well as track, lacrosse, and basketball. During his high school soccer career, the team captain received a number of accolades including two NCISAA All-State selections, All-Conference selec…

MOBA Schedules Pre-Season Friendly Against NPSL Side Georgia Revolution FC

With the founding of Atlanta United FC in Major League Soccer and Peachtree City MOBA and South Georgia Tormenta FC in the Premier Development League, the state of Georgia is truly becoming the soccer hub of the south. Soccer is capturing the hearts of millions within the southeast, from Mississippi to Virginia, and it is drawing in some incredible talent. With the wealth of teams in the area, almost any footballer from all around the globe can find a team and a city to call home in the south. On Tuesday, MOBA announced they had scheduled two friendlies against one of those teams.
Georgia Revolution FC, out of McDonough, Georgia, is already a familiar opponent for MOBA, and a budding in-state rival. Founded in 2010, the Revs have seen moderate success, qualifying for the NPSL playoffs in 2015 and the U.S. Open Cup in 2012 and 2013. Prior to the 2016 campaign, the two teams met up for the first time in McDonough, in a game that holds a special place in Georgia soccer history. Original…

Young Blood: Analyzing MOBA's Latest Signings - Jack Bailey

The term "young blood" does not specifically mean bringing in youth in order to boost an organization's performance. Sometimes, instead of youth, teams will bring in seasoned veterans to stabilize and teach while also providing quality caps and doing what a team needs to be successful. Just a few weeks ago, after a 4-0 loss to Atlanta United, the Chicago Fire needed to evaluate the situation, and so instead of finding new, young talent, they signed thirty-two year old Bastian Schweinsteiger, and they are now undefeated since his arrival. With their latest signing, MOBA steps away from the youth approach, and instead takes a chance on a PDL veteran to help the team succeed.
Jack "Digga" Bailey - Limestone College England - the soccer capital of the world. A hotbed for talent, the country of England is a place any professional team would love to have a player from, as the sport of soccer is placed at the top of many young athlete's aspirations. Jack Bailey i…

Young Blood: Analyzing MOBA's Latest Signings - Lukas Joyner

Georgia State University has proven itself to be home to a number of great talents. Four of the players on MOBA's 2016 roster (Casey Shultis, Salomon Lorenzano, Nick Hague, Luke Oesterle) played soccer for the Panthers, leading the squad to a 14-8 record. From all around the state and the country, some of the best soccer talents can be found at GSU, and MOBA's latest addition to the squad is no different.
Lukas Joyner - Georgia State University A young player with mounds of potential, Joyner joined up with the Panthers and made an immediate impact, however prior to his collegiate career, Lukas was a star at Stratford Academy in Macon. Lettering in all five of his secondary school years, the defender/midfielder led the team to an unprecedented stretch of success. Winning four straight region titles as well as two state championships, Joyner was a leader on the team for his entire tenure. Lukas was recognized for his leadership and playing capabilities by both the region and th…

One More Year: Welcoming Back MOBA's 2017 Re-signees - Bilal Nakhli

All around the globe, soccer has touched the hearts of millions of people. From right here in the United States, to countries like England, Germany, China, Australia, and Algeria, soccer's reach makes American Football look like a game of kickball on the playground. Clubs everywhere construct their rosters with the best talent, not only from their country of origin, but from all around the world, and Peachtree City MOBA is no exception to that rule. Last season, MOBA had a number of international players, coming from the likes of the United Kingdom and Kuwait, many of whom made significant impacts throughout the season, and the latest signing happens to be one of those players.
Bilal Nakhli - Clayton State University Nakhli, out of Paris, France, played a key role in the early parts of the 2016 PDL season before leaving the team to return to France, but now look for Bilal to play with the team throughout 2017. First playing at Spartanburg Methodist College in South Carolina, Bila…