Match Recap: MOBA Takes the Second Leg, Defeats Georgia Revolution 7-1

In what seemed to have the potential to be one of the most competitive games of the year, MOBA put an end to those expectations as they dominated the Revs at home and made it clear that they have the potential to be one of the top teams in the Premier Development League this season. After winning 3-0 on the road in the first leg of the series, Peachtree City were looking for the Revs to attack both early and often, however that did not prove to be the case.

Playing their first game in their new stadium, MOBA definitely wanted to give their fans a show, but they knew they could not let that take them away from what they were there to do: play football. Right from the opening kickoff, Peachtree City made it clear that Saturday's win was not a fluke. They were the better team, and that carried over to Fayette County. MOBA pressed early, winning the ball just seconds after the start. The home side peppered the goal with shot after shot, and saw their efforts pay off early. A midfield headed by Jordan Smith-Williams put up an incredible showing in giving the Revs little chance of getting to the back line, and after winning the ball back, immediately started a counter that saw midfielder Khallil Stewart find himself in a one-on-one situation with the keeper. Keeping his head in a play that is easy to lose it, Stewart showed a touch of brilliance as he coolly chipped the keeper and slotted home his first goal and put the home team up 1-0. Finding themselves down early again, Georgia Revolution surely hoped to even things up, but MOBA's defense just proved to be too much, and Peachtree City stayed on the front foot. Not too soon after the first goal, striker Ryan King, in his return to the squad after last year's great season, scored his first of the pre-season off a perfectly placed ball, and Peachtree City went into the half up 2-0.

Finding themselves down 2-0 at the break once again, Georgia needed to get something started immediately, but that proved, once again, to be a struggle for the Revs. Right out of the half, MOBA kept up their outstanding form, and after a PTC player was taken down in the box, MOBA was awarded the penalty, and Ryan King placed the ball just out of reach of the keeper, scoring his second goal of the match, and putting the home team up 3-0. The Revs would see some light, as a scramble in the box resulted in a shot that ricocheted off the keeper and rolled in, giving them their first goal of the series. MOBA did not let up, however, as they just overwhelmed the away side, with forward Tomide Adabale scoring in his MOBA debut, as well as Todd Fidler continuing his great form, scoring his second goal in as many games. Up 5-1, one could only expect MOBA to let up and play defensively, but they did not want to risk a potential comeback. In what proved to be the biggest surprise of the night, Adabale may have secured a spot in the first eighteen for Peachtree City, as he scored a further two goals, including a beauty from eighteen yards out that just did clip in off the post, giving him a hat trick in his debut, and locking up the win for the home team.

In what will go down in MOBA history as one of the greatest showings by the young team, they showed the soccer world just how good they can be when they are in top form. Winning by a final margin of 7-1, MOBA takes the lead in the overall series 2-0-1, and are coming into the new season looking far better than the pre-season rankings initially suggested. If they can keep up this great form for all fourteen games, they will surely make a run at the South Atlantic Division title. MOBA's next match will feature Liga MAGG side Pumas in what is Peachtree City's final pre-season friendly before they head to Nashville to open up the regular season. Starting at 7:30 PM on Saturday, May 6th, the inter-league matchup will be the final test to see if PTC can continue to play at this level. Admission will be free once again, and all fans are invited to enjoy a great night of soccer and see what could be one of the best teams in the PDL in 2017!



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