Match Recap: Red Card Dooms MOBA, Lose to Tri-Cities 2-1

Tennessee has not been a fun place to play for Peachtree City in 2017. Following a 6-1 loss in Nashville on opening night and a 1-0 loss in Johnson City on match day five, MOBA hoped to right the ship during their second and final trip to the Tri-Cities. Taking on an Otters team that has been streaking after an 0-3-0 start, MOBA needed to bring their A-game to the hostile environment.

The match started off very uneventful, as both sides tried to feel each other out. There were chances here and there, but neither team could find a breakthrough. After thirty minutes of back and forth, aggressive play, it was the Otters who got on the board first. After MOBA failed to clear out a cross, Tri-Cities' Tresor Mbuyu put his foot through it and drove it far post, leaving keeper Nick Nelson out to dry. Nelson, whose only appearance of the season was against Nashville in the 6-1 loss, needed to get out to a good start, and a thirtieth minute goal could not have been good the young keeper. Finding themselves down a goal in the first half again, MOBA got a stroke of luck a few moments later, as Otters center-back Sam Jenkins slid into a dangerous tackle cleats first and was immediately issued a red card. MOBA have a history of seeing opponents receive reds, as red cards were issued to the opposition in two of their previous matches, but neither time could they capitalize. This time around, MOBA needed a response. That response would not come in the first half, however, as the halftime whistle blew ten minutes later, and the score sat at 1-0. Having failed to score in the first half of all seven of their matches this season, Peachtree City were going to need a strong second half if they hoped to combat a fast Otters attack.

The second half started off the opposite of how MOBA wanted it, as the Otters took control despite being down a man. The moments went by, and adversity continued to prove a downfall for MOBA. In the sixtieth minute, Mateo Garces took a ball from Mbuyu following a quick counter, and Nelson had no chance to save the shot, as Garces put the Otters up 2-0 after his third goal of the week. Seeing the three points drift further and further away, the forces of soccer gave MOBA some light, as Gian Scalise took down Edmundo Robinson in the box, and MOBA were awarded the penalty. Penalties had not been an issue this season for MOBA, as they have tucked away ever chance they have been given, and Robinson kept up that pace. Making no mistake from the spot, Robinson put home his second goal in two games, and MOBA cut the lead to one. With momentum beginning to shift to Peachtree City, the Otters looked to end things. After cleverly beating the keeper with one step to his left, Dion Stergiotis nearly scored from a ninety-degree angle, but the Peachtree City defense quickly stepped in and cleared it off the goal line. Looking to equalize, MOBA put the offense into the next gear, as Robinson looked to collected a chipped through ball, however in the process, he ended up cleating keeper Carlos Rubio in the chest. Robinson received his second yellow card and was sent off. Any hope the yellow and blacks had was ripped away, and the whistle blew ending the match at 2-1, and handing MOBA their sixth loss of the campaign.

Looking into the coaching handbook, everything from end-line to end-line has been a struggle for Peachtree City. They are yet to score a first half goal, they are without a clean sheet, and they still are without a win. Sitting in last place in the division, the schedule looks more and more difficult with each passing match. Heading to first place Nashville on the twenty-first, the outcome looks bleak for Peachtree City. Being without leading scorer Edmundo Robinson for a match will not help the matter, as somebody will need to step up and fill the void that will be left by the energetic midfielder. Who that will be? Only time will tell.



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