Match Recap: Williamson ends it late, MOBA fall to Bantams 3-2

For the first time all season long, scoring was not the biggest issue for Peachtree City. Following back-to-back one-goal losses, MOBA needed to find some way to get into the win column, and playing against an SC United team that does not defend well may have been the answer. Home had not been very sweet for Peachtree City thus far, however, as they had only scored one goal in their two previous home matches, while allowing two in both. Last season, the matchups between these two teams in the I-20 Derby did not breathe good omens for MOBA, as they lost both games by a one-goal margin, including a late winner from the Bantams in Peachtree City. This time around, things needed to be different.

The match got off to a slow start for both sides, as they both threatened, but neither team could get any momentum. Starting in the tenth minute, however, the pace shifted to Peachtree City, as Matthew Wooling and Khallil Stewart both threatened the keeper, but neither could put the ball in the net. Things took a quick turn for the worst in the nineteenth minute, though, when keeper Will Meyer failed to clear the ball, and Michael Brezovsky had to step in and take it. Brezovsky's clearance did not reach its target, and Bantams midfielder Liam Ireland intercepted it, played it up to Jose Cubillan who touched it to Leandro Browne, and he placed the ball top shelf and SC United went up 1-0. For the sixth time this year, MOBA found themselves down a goal, and once again doubt creeped into everybody's mind. Little of note occurred over the following fifteen minutes, however in the thirty-fifth minute, Daniel Valenciano was taken down twenty-five yards out, and Matthew Wooling stepped up to take the free kick. Never has a MOBA player scored off a free kick, but Wooling almost became the first, as his shot was just a foot north of the bar. The halftime whistle blew, and MOBA were down 1-0.

Something had to change. That is a sentence that has been said a lot over the 2017 season, and this time warranted its use once again. A 1-0 deficit was common practice for Peachtree City, so surely they had worked out some response. Early in the second half, MOBA turned up the pressure. After a beauty of a cross from Wooling, Valenciano got his head to it and pushed it into danger. Adam Sheikali, who had come forward from his defensive position, nearly tied the match up, however his header nailed the bar, and the ball was subsequently cleared out. A lack of scoring still looming large for MOBA, they received one of the biggest breaks of the season when Edmundo Robinson was tripped in the box, and Peachtree City were awarded the penalty. Santiago Moore stepped up to take MOBA's second-ever PDL penalty kick, and after Ryan King failed to convert from the spot in Statesboro last season, Moore made no mistake, calmly placing the ball on the left side, and the match was tied up at one. For the first time at home and only the second-time all year, MOBA had tied the game up at one. Hoping to build off the effort, the idea of a possible first victory crawled into the Peachtree City minds, and that may have cost them. Just eight minutes later, Liam Ireland made MOBA pay dearly for failing to close the gap, as he scored from eight yards out and the Bantams took a 2-1 lead. Once again, MOBA failed to capitalize on an opportunity, and now they were staring a loss in the eyes once again. The minutes ticked by, and MOBA could not find their equalizer, that is, until Jack Howard made his first mistake all night. After some heavy pressure from MOBA, Adam Sheikali saw Robinson make a run at the net, and he crossed the ball into the box from near midfield. Howard went up to meet the ball in the air, but it bounced out of his mitts and right to the feet of Robinson turned quickly and rifled it into the net, and at long last, MOBA had scored more than once in ninety minutes, and the match was tied at two. It has been preached for years, however, "never let your guard down." Entering stoppage time, a draw and a second point were on the horizon, but they quickly ripped down by SC United. After Wyatt Millard took the ball from his brother James, he crossed it perfectly to the feet of Terrell Williamson who took one touch and rifled the ball past Meyer, and MOBA fell for the fifth time in 2017.

It goes without saying that hopes were high for Peachtree City heading into 2017, but those hopes were gone in an instant. Before you could say go, MOBA have lost five of their six matches, including all three at home. Scoring had been the main issue, but Tuesday marked the first time MOBA had scored more than once. This time around, it was defense that blew their chances. All three SC United goals were results of poor closing defense in the final third for MOBA, leading to easy, open shots on goal. That isn't to say scoring isn't an issue anymore. Peachtree City have scored just five times in six matches and are still yet to score in the first half. Something has to change, and quickly, as MOBA head back to Johnson City for a rematch with the Otters on June 17th.



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