Match Recap: Arslan, Rowe Strike Again as MOBA Fall to Tormenta 2-0

Sometimes in sports, things just do not go your way. Whether it be a stretch of minutes or a whole game, Lady Luck may look upon you unfavorably, and that appears to be exactly what happened to MOBA in Saturday's Clasico rematch. After being routed by Tormenta 6-3 on Monday, MOBA looked for revenge against their in-state rivals who were still fighting for a playoff spot, but that never seemed to come to fruition.

As the first half started, things looked great for MOBA, as the defense played outstanding in the opening half hour. Headed by Michael Brezovsky and James Thomas, MOBA's back four did an excellent job keeping Tormenta off the ball and away from the goal. The offense seemed to be struggling a bit to get things going, but the score sat even, so it was not a glaring issue. That is, until Jad Arslan made his name known again. In the thirty-seventh minute, Michael Brezovsky, who had played excellent up to this point, tried to play the ball up field, but it was intercepted by Tormenta's Toni Soler. Soler then passed the ball up to Jamie Merriam, who played an expert ball to Arslan, and Arslan put the ball through Nick Nelson's legs and into the back of the net. Jad Arslan, who had a hat trick less than a week ago after not scoring all season, had a first half goal to put Tormenta on top after MOBA seemed to be dominating the match. The remainder of the first half was quiet, and the sides went into the half with Tormenta on top.

Trailing is not new to MOBA, as they have trailed at some point in twelve of their thirteen matches, but something they were not used to is the lack of attack. MOBA, despite clearly owning the possession, could not get anything going on the offensive end, taking just three shots in the first half. Things would need to change if they hoped to pierce the stout Tormenta defense, but that just would not happen. Immediately after the half, Tormenta's Nick Wells nearly got a second yellow card for holding up play, but the referee held back the ejection. Being up a man would have been huge for MOBA, but instead they continued to play even. Slowly after that, things began to shift in favor of Tormenta. Possession went down, shots went down, and South Georgia picked it up. In the fifty-eighth minute, Arslan nearly had a second following a quick counter from Tormenta, but Reed Norton's through pass came too late, and Arslan was called offside. Just minutes later, MOBA nearly equalized, as Jack Arra, who was making his MOBA debut, struck a ball from the far side, but keeper Matt Rosenberg was able to get his fingertips to it and save it into the post. Nothing was seeming to go  MOBA's way, and it would quickly get worse. In the seventy-first minute, Tormenta's Michael Rowe picked up the scraps of a loose ball, took one touch and struck it to the far post, and Nelson had no chance to stop it. Time was starting to run thin, and MOBA, now down two goals, were desperate to get one back. No matter how desperate they may have been, they could not get any attacks going in the final twenty minutes. As the final whistle blew, Tormenta became the first team to win two matches in the Georgia PDL Clasico, barely keeping their playoff hopes alive with one match remaining.

This whole season has been a struggle for MOBA, as they continue to face issues with first half scoring and keeping the ball away from their goal. Still without a clean sheet and only three first half goals on the year, MOBA have one final chance to get things going their way, as they take on SC United Bantams on July 15th in Peachtree City. Saturday's match will be of the utmost importance for MOBA, as they need to go into the offseason on a high note. That will not be easy, however, as they take on an SC United team that MOBA have never beaten, losing four straight times. Following the match, all MOBA can do is wait through the playoffs and gear up for 2018 with the hopes of finally getting into the playoff picture in year three.

2017 #MOBAProud Man of the Year Voting

Every year, at the end of the season, one member of the Peachtree City MOBA roster is awarded with the #MOBAProud Man of the Year Award, an award denoting not just individual success, but also the effect that player had on his team, and the pride that player showed for their team during the season. For the first time in history, the decision will be left to you, the fans, of who receives the award. On the left side panel (on mobile, tap the three bars at the top of the screen), there is a section dedicated to voting for this award. All you have to do is read through the ten nominees and select your choice for the award winner. Voting closes on July 14th at 11:59 PM, and the winner will be announced on July 15th during halftime of MOBA's match against SC United.



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