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Match Preview: MOBA Search for Redemption Against Tri-Cities

Well, it is all for pride now. Following MOBA's loss to Birmingham on Saturday in the most hectic game of the season, Peachtree City are officially eliminated from playoff contention. While it hurts to be out of the running, MOBA still have a chance to finish their most successful season in club history on a high and set the club record for wins in a season on Tuesday against Tri-Cities. With three matches remaining, it will be interesting to see how MOBA finish.
Playoffs were always a bit of a stretch, and with South Georgia clinching the division a few days ago, it became even more difficult. MOBA were still alive heading into Birmingham, but they needed wins, and they needed help. While things got off to a decent start in Alabama, two mistakes in quick succession resulted in MOBA going down 2-0 at the half. The second half was very quiet until stoppage time, when all of the sudden things got very interesting. MOBA won a penalty that Artur De Luca buried to make it 2-1, but Bir…